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Companion Stairlifts

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Companion Stairlifts 


It can be tricky to find out where to buy your stairlift online as well as what supplier suits your needs the best. In this Buying Guide for Companion Stairlifts, we’ll provide you with all the details of how to choose and buy a Companion Stairlift to make the buying process as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Companion Stairlift is one of the UK’s biggest online suppliers of stairlift offering safe and tailor-made solutions to their customers. Through their continuous product development, they are experts in finding tailor-made solutions to fit the trickiest of stairs, including narrow, spiral, and outdoor stairs.


What are the steps to buying a Companion Stairlift?

The first step in buying a Companion Stairlift is figuring out what stairlift you would like. You can do this by researching the different type of stairlifts, their features, and design. Once you have an idea of what stairlift you want, we recommend you get in touch with our customer service team who will be able to help you with any questions and book your free home assessment.

In a home assessment, one of our expert surveyors will assess your stairs, and ask what features you will need to use your stairlift safely. Based on the home assessment, the surveyor will provide you with a quote for your stairlift. When giving you your quote, the surveyor will also give you a breakdown on price.

We understand that a stairlift is an investment and that you might like some financial aid to better finance your stairlift. One thing to check is whether you are VAT Exempt as well as check if you are eligible to receive funding from various stairlift grants.

Once you’ve decided to purchase your stairlift, our engineers will come out to install your stairlift. The installation will typically only take a few hours, including training on how to use the stairlift and advice on how to maintain the stairlift.

Companion Stairlifts offers a fully comprehensible 12-month warranty if you should experience any issues with your stairlift. The customer service team will also be available 24-hours, 365 days a year, so they will always be ready to help you if you need it.


Can I get a free quote for my stairlift from Stairlift Companion?

Once you’ve chosen your Companion Stairlift, they will send you a free quote for your selected stairlift. The quote and the cost are based on a home visit from one of Companion’s technical surveyors. The surveyors will assess your needs and staircase to provide you with the best solutions.


How do you book a home assessment? 

You can book your home assessment through Companion’s experienced specialists. Their customer service team is always ready to book your assessment and offer next day installations services in some regions of the UK. This means that they can provide you with your quote in the morning and install your domestic stairlift the next day. Their schedule is very flexible, and they strive to book your assessment on a day and time that suits you the best.

The stairlift home assessment is a short and quick process, and they will make sure to book your assessment in at a day and time that suits you the best. Through the home assessment, they will be able to establish what type of stairlift you’ll need, what fixtures they need to add or remove, and if you want to add any additional features to your stairlifts. All of which will enable them to provide you with a total price for your stairlift.


What range of stairlifts does Companion offer?

Companion Stairlifts has a variety of stairlifts to provide you with the best solution, including straights, curved, and outdoor stairlifts. The type of stairlift mainly depends on the type of staircase you have. Companion Stairlifts are known for their wide variety of fittings, features, and designs to give you your very own customised stairlift.


Straight stairlifts:

The straight stairlifts fit into completely straight staircases, which makes them very easy to adapt to your staircase. Companions straight stairlifts include the 950 straight, 950+ Straight, 110 Straight, and 1000 Straight. All of which offer different options in features, weight limits, and styles of seats.


Curved stairlifts: 

If your staircase has any curves, you will need to look into buying a curved stairlift.

Companion Stairlift offers two types of curved stairlifts: the 2000 Curved and Freecurve.

Companion Stairlifts provide one of the tightest internal curves available on the market, giving them lots of flexibility to supply stairlifts to fit the narrowest of stairs. The tight internal curve often means that Companion Stairlifts can accommodate and install curved stairlifts to locations where other stairlift manufactures can’t.


Outdoor stairlifts: 

A lot of Companion Stairlifts also fit the outdoors. One thing to keep in mind is that the materials for indoor stairlifts can become a trip hazard when exposed to the weather. Therefore, it might be an idea to choose materials that will be able to sustain the outside weather.


What’s the difference between Companion’ Stairlifts and Acorn Stairlifts?

In the UK Stairlift Company Review 2020, both Companion Stairlift and Acorn Stairlift were both praised for their many styles and features to give you a stairlift that will fit perfectly to the decor of your home.

Additionally, both companies were highlighted for their excellent customer service and aftercare by always providing their customers with the needed assistance and information.

Acorn Stairlift has continuously improved their products and their features to such an extent that they are the only UK Stairlift company to have been awarded Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

Companion Stairlift’s key differentiator is their ability to develop bespoke stairlifts for narrow stairs. Their stairlifts can fit the narrowest corners where other manufacturers might not be able to accommodate. They have also been endorsed by Which? (the largest independent consumer organisation) for their easy and professional installation services.

Although both companies have differences in their offerings, it is safe to say that both can are in the category of the Top UK Stairlifts Brands.


How do customers rate their Companion Stairlifts? 

We believe that customer reviews are an essential aspect when you’re looking to buy your stairlift. Here’s a brief overview of how our customers rate their Companion Stairlift.


Excellent customer service.

I love my new stairlift. Companion kept me informed about what was happening; the fitter was able to answer any questions; he did the job clean and professional; he demonstrated the lift and was overall pleasant. The price was great too!


My Companion Stairlift is a Godsend

I would not hesitate to recommend Companion Stairlifts after installing a Curved Stairlift in my home. At the grand old age of 95 I find the new System a Godsend, thank you.


No sales gimmicks

Good project management from start to finish. No sales gimmicks. Good product information. The moving beam is far superior to the hinged end piece offered by all other suppliers Acorn, Oaktree and Stannah. Order placed, six days later fitted. Product engineering is first class.


What should you expect to pay for a Companion Stairlift?

As with most stairlifts, the bespoke nature of the stairlifts makes it difficult to give an exact cost of a stairlift without assessing the individual staircase. A stairlift price comparison from 2020, conducted by Stairlifts Reviews, concluded that the average price for a brand-new Companion Stairlift was around £2,545, which was based on all stairlift models such as the more bespoke curved stairlifts. The average cost for a reused Companion stairlift was about £1,406.

As mentioned previously, your free home assessment will be the best way for you to get an accurate price breakdown of your stairlift.


If you’re worried about the cost of your stairlift, there are various options for financial assistance for your stairlift. The first thing to look into is whether you are qualified for VAT exemption.

Additionally, there are various grants specifically for stairlift purchases. These grants can come from several sources; the government, charities, local authorities and other organisations.


How to spot and avoid questionable stairlifts companies 

It can be a daunting experience to have someone survey your private home. Especially if the surveyor seems pushy and inpatient with their sales tactics. There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your home assessment, so you know what questions to ask to see through dodgy stairlifts companies.


Before the home assessment, it can be a great help to do some research such as what type of stairlift you would like, what features are important to your needs, and potentially visit a mobility shop to try a stairlift to get a better idea of what suits you the best. In this way, this will also prepare you for any questions you might have when the surveyor comes to visit you.


During the actual home assessment, you might want to have someone to accompany you, such as a family member, your carer, or your occupational therapist. It is not okay for the surveyor to make you feel pressured to make any decisions, and you have every right to ask as many questions as possible to the surveyor. When you receive the quote and the breakdown in price, it is also important to check that aftercare costs such as servicing, maintenance, and emergency callouts as part of the quotation.

If you should have any unpleasant experiences with your stairlift company, the best thing to do is forward a complaint to the stairlift company.


How does Companion Stairlift install your stairlift?

The installation of your Companion Stairlift should only take a few hours whether it’s a straight or a curved stairlift. Setting the stairlift up should be very quick and easy, and it will not compromise the structural integrity of the stairs. These hours also include time to train you on how to use the chair properly and how to maintain the stairlift properly.

We recommend that you always let a professional install your stairlift as they will have the expertise and know-how of how to set up the stairlift safely.


What’s the warranty on a Companion Stairlifts?

Companion Stairlifts offer a fully comprehensive 12 months’ warranty. The warranty covers all parts of labour and equipment, so all extra costs are included. There is also the option of upgrading to a Priority Club which gives you benefits such as a full two-year parts labour and call-out warranty, priority instillations, two free annual services, and more.


What after service does Companion Stairlifts offer? 

As mentioned before, every Companion Stairlift comes automatically with a fully comprehensive 12-year warranty. If you like to have that extra bit of protection, you can buy insurance individually for your stairlift. There are various stairlifts insurances, and the type of cover can range from damage including accident, fire, and flood, to electrical breakdown.

If you should experience any issues with your stairlifts, the customer service team is available 24 hours, 365 days a year to provide you with support and assistance when needed.

The batteries of a Companion Stairlift should last between 3-5 years. The batteries’ lifespan depends on how often the stairlift is used and if the batteries are left without power for long periods.


We can answer any more questions that you may have, too. 


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