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Buyers Guide:
New Stairlifts

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New Stairlifts 


Stairlifts can offer you a sense of freedom, which you may feel like you’ve lost/are losing. They can be incredibly liberating, making for one of the best investments you can make for your safety,  mobility, and comfort. 

However, as with everything, you’re likely wondering how much it would be. How much will a stairlift cost? What is the cheapest stairlift? 

So, we’ve put together a buying guide, to help you make this decision, and hopefully goes through all the different aspects and things to consider. Let’s dive right into the new stairlift buying guide. 


Estimating a stairlift price

To accurately price up a stairlift, there are certain things that you need to consider. These are:

  • Do you need a curved or straight stairlift? A curved stairlift is more expensive. 
  • If you want a new stairlift or reconditioned unit. This is the actual purchase price, which should be considered thoughtfully. 
  • Do you have obstructions at the top or bottom of your stairs? You may need to pay for these to get removed or pay for an additional part to the stairlift. 
  • The details in the maintenance contract. Remember, always read the terms and conditions. 
  • The resale value. Unfortunately, this is very small. 
  • The duration and cover of the warranty. You can spend more, and receive more security.


As you can see, it’s difficult to really assess how much your stairlift may cost. There is no average, as every house and individual is unique. This guide will focus on new stairlifts. This, again, is a safety measure and ensures that you know exactly what you are buying. 

So, this guide will look at what you should look for in a stairlift and a more in-depth look at the prices. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have a clearer idea about new stairlifts. 

New or reconditioned stairlift?

Firstly, this guide revolves around new stairlifts. Let’s decide if this is the guide for you. Make no mistake, quality stairlifts can be refurbished and can still offer great value. If you are going down this route, make sure you know exactly where the stairlift is coming from, and how exactly it has refurbished. 

For instance, has it gained new batteries? Is it working at its full potential? Make sure you get a full warranty, and that the stairlift has been serviced. 

A new stairlift will ensure that you get a fully functioning stairlift, that is fresh and also covered. The warranty will be trustworthy, and any issues will be fixed for you. Buying new has obvious perks, but will cost you a little more. 

P.S you can also rent a stairlift, as a quick little extra option for you. This is perfect for those who only need the stairlift for a short term period – perhaps recovering from an operation. Rental agreements should cover the cost of the installation, removal, and servicing. These will cost around £45 a month, which is a more sustainable option for some. 


Extras for your stairlift 

Stairlifts are there to benefit you. One stairlift might be perfect for one person, and completely pointless for another. Make sure you let stairlift companies know exactly what you need, and any mobility problems you may be experiencing. 

An example of this could be if your balance is not the best, you could look for automatic buttons on the arm, so you don’t have to bend down for the foot rests. 

These are things you could always explain to the sales consultants. They would have experienced everything before and will know what would be best for you. So, tell them everything, and you’ll get the best adaptions for you. 

That’s one benefit of purchasing a new stairlift – they can be tailored to you, perfectly. 


The average cost of a Straight Stairlift 

Straight Stairlifts are the most common stairlifts, and as we mentioned, they vary in price sometimes quite drastically. So, the average price in 2020 is £1, 850. This is for a standard staircase, a new model, with a 1-year warranty. 

This is for a standard rail and a straight forward installation. Basically, the most standard type of stairlift, and installation. P.S the standard staircase has around 13 steps. Obviously, if you have a particular longer staircase, the price will increase. 


The average cost of Curved Stairlift 

So, a curved stairlift is considerably more money. It does cost more as there is more work and more equipment. The average curved stairlift in 2020 costs around £3,950. 

It’s important to point out that a curved rail will be manufactured for your specific rail, as curved rails are not a one size fits all. For this reason, it is even harder to give an accurate set price. 

Also, if you have more curves, there will be a higher cost. Additional features to make everything safer and more comfortable will also come at a cost. It’s important to know the true costs, so you can work out your best options. 


Shop around 

As the price varies, it’s important that you compare all prices, services, and companies. Word of mouth can help with this, but also check out reviews online, too. 

Remember, maintenance contracts and warranties are so important. Don’t choose a cheaper deal which may come back to bite you in a few months. Shop wisely and with the future in mind. 


VAT and stairlifts 

Now, it’s time for some wonderful news. Stairlifts are exempt from VAT. It’s a mobility product, and will never be charged. So, if your salesman states that they charge VAT, or will “knock it off” just know that this isn’t right. 

Check out more information for this on the government’s website. Don’t let anybody try to convince you otherwise. If a salesman is using VAT as a way to close the sale, just be very wary. 


Safety Features 

Just know that all good stairlifts will come with automatic safety functions. Your safety is the most important aspect when it comes to this equipment, and keeping that in mind will help you make the right decision. For instance, swivel seats and a cutout function should be included. Make sure they all have a DC power supply too. Don’t forget, some models can be fitted with a platform. This is a design twist that is perfect for all those who find it hard to bend their legs, or need to keep an upright position. Now is the perfect time to state that a home assessment is necessary, too. This way, there are no nasty surprises, and you know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to your stairlift. 


Important things to know about stairlifts 

This may answer some common questions about stairlifts:

  • Stairlifts are not fitted to the wall, which means there is no structural mess when fitting yours. If this concerns you regarding property value, that should ease your mind. 
  • Independent companies can pick the best model for you, which is a giant benefit if you’re not sure what to buy. 
  • Urgent stairlifts can also be fitted – next day in really urgent cases. Curved stairlifts take around 7 days, though. 
  • Straight stairlifts only take an hour to install. Curved will take around 4 hours. So, this is just one day – an amazing time frame. 
  • Stairlifts can also be fitted outside if this is something that’s required for you. Yes, they are weatherproof, and their low voltage makes them super safe to be outdoors. 
  • Your OP can choose the best stairlift for you, and make sure that you get the best one for you. 


Look what is included in your quote

A price may seem too good to be true, don’t be surprised later down the line. Always check what your quote includes. For instance, is installation included? This is so important, so double-check. 

What is included in the warranty, too? Will any repairs, parts or services be completed as part of it? If not, really consider if it is worth the money they are asking for. 

Always check the fine print for any extra costs that they will hit you with afterwards. Does this include any extra work or another power point? 

Check out what aftercare they’re providing too. One of the main things is to look if engineers will be on call 24/7? This is a security point, which is really quite necessary. 

Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty, with a 24-hour call-out service. After one year, you should be allowed to extend this service. 


How much do stairlifts cost to run? 

Stairlifts are really economical to run, so that’s nothing to worry about. Manufacturers actually claim that it costs less than a kettle to run. 

Obviously, don’t use the stairlift an obscene amount of times, but that goes without saying. 

You can also find models which are more economical than others. So, if that’s extremely important to you, make sure to mention it. 


Financial assistance for a stairlift

We know, not everybody has money floating about to splash out on a stairlift, So, if you desperately need to buy a stairlift – as a result of a chronic illness or a disability, and are planning to live in your current property for the next five years, you may be eligible for some help.

Contact social services or your local environmental health department who may be able to offer you a grant which pays for your stairlift. However, this all depends on your income, savings, and also an assessment of your needs.

Usually, this requires a referral from an OT, so be prepared for all of that. The outcome is usually worth it, though.


We hope this buying guide helped your decide on how to buy, what to buy, and whether to buy, If you have any more questions. Feel free to ask us.

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