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Help & Advice

Stairlifts use low voltage and DC batteries, reducing noise levels which can be likened to that of a microwave.

If the power supply isn’t supplying enough power, the stairlift will beep and eventually stop working. Check that your stairlift is always placed in the correct position at the charging point. If you do happen to have a power cut, you can temporarily stop the beeping noise by pressing the battery isolation button. The location of this should be shown in your User Guide.

If you are obstructed by something whilst you are using the stairlift, it will slow to a halt. The controls can then be used to reverse back, in order for the obstruction to be removed and for you to carry on with your journey.

A stairlifts running costs are low considering you don’t need to service a new stairlift, therefore there’s little to worry about in terms of repair costs if there does happen to be a problem with your stairlift. They are battery powered, but must be plugged in when they are not being used in order for the battery to remain charged. This applies for all stairlift models. Audible and visual signals are used to alert you if your lift is not on the charging point, therefore the stairlifts power supply should always be switched on.

Your hinged rail should be fully lowered and locked in position, however if your stairlift does still not seem to move, try turning the power key off and then back on again. The stairlift should then start a few seconds after moving and holding the control in the direction of travel.

The stairlifts display will point out a problem if the key isn’t switched on, so you should check that the key has been turned into the correct position. Another reason could be because the stairlift batteries need to be replaced, which is likely to be the reason if it sounds like the stairlift is under pressure and becomes very slow when ascending the stairs.