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First things first, what exactly is a straight stairlift?

A stairlift is a device which runs on a motor, and helps you get up and down the stairs, without any assistance from anyone else. As a result, you retain complete independence within your own home. A straight stairlift, such as the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift, one of our bestsellers, is fitted to your stairs by a highly experienced professional. This doesn’t require any modifications to the structure of your home, so your wallpaper remains intact as well as your wall!

You simply sit down, press the button, and away you go! A smooth and bump-free ride from the bottom to the top, or top to the bottom, without any struggle or worry. A straight stairlift doesn’t stand out in terms of appearance, it blends into your home and simply does the job it is designed to do. Obviously, it is called a ‘straight’ stairlift because it operates in a straight line.

Another of our top models is the Companion 1100 Straight Stairlift, consistently receiving great reviews by users. Put simply, a straight stairlift gives you peace of mind that you’re able to move around your home without any issues, and as a result, your loved ones also feel more at ease, knowing that you have your stairs totally covered.
It’s interesting to find out about the history of any new purchase you add to your home, and when it comes to an addition so useful, you can’t help but wonder who came up with the idea!

The stairlift has its roots in Tudor times. Being a King, Henry VIII didn’t want to walk up and down the stairs himself, partly because his palace in Whitehall, London had a 20 foot long staircase - you can’t blame him! We aren’t 100% sure who came up with the idea for King Henry VIII’s novel stairlift, but most credit C. C. Crispen, the renowned engineer for the design and construction of the stairlift we know today.

The first commercial chairlift was put into action in 1923. Crispen’s neighbour became ill and couldn’t move from his bedroom on the second floor of his home. As a result, Crispen designed the stairlift to help him get around his home with ease.

Of course, the stairlifts we see today are far more sophisticated than the world’s first model. If you compare the Companion 1000 Straight Stairlift with 1923’s model, there are many differences! There are countless safety features in today’s models, giving you peace of mind that your journey up and down the stairs is going to be safe and comfortable.

It’s worth remembering that there are key differences between brands, so when shopping for your first, or perhaps even second or third, stairlift, you need to reach into the features and reviews, to find the ideal purchasing option for your needs.

We are asked this question a lot, and quite understandably, you want to know what is going to happen when your new straight stairlift is installed in your home. Will it make a mess? Is your wall going to change? What about your carpet? These are all questions we can answer to put your mind at rest.

The good news is that most straight stairlifts can be installed with minimal fuss, within a few hours at the most. Most of our stairlifts can be delivered to you the next day after ordering, so you don’t have to wait too long. However, a home survey or a virtual survey will be needed beforehand, so the installers can get a clear view of what they’re working with. A virtual survey is likely to be your main option at the current time, due to Covid-19 safety restrictions.

There are countless straight stairlifts you can choose from, such as our bestselling Companion 950 Straight Stairlift, or the ever popular Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift. Choosing a straight stairlift means you can easily get upstairs or downstairs and do whatever you need to do, with minimal fuss, and choosing a straight stairlift means you have more options, compared to curved stairlifts.

First, a rail is fitted around 6” away from your main wall. This helps to prevent any scuffing of the wall or scraping as the stairlift travels up and down. This is done with minimal fuss and mess, and it won’t require any structural changes to your wall. The good news is that your bannister won’t be touched, so no issues with your wallpaper or paint work either.

Choosing a straight stairlift from us means that we can put you in touch with a highly professional installer. This will give you a better outcome and as a result, you can be sure that your stairlift meets all the necessary safety requirements. Also, we only work with the top stairlift brands, such as Acorn and Companion. Companion design the narrowest stairlifts in the UK, giving you a streamlined look to your stairs.

Will a Straight Stairlift Damage my Carpet?
Not at all! During the installation process there may be a little dust from drilling etc, but we will do our very best to cause minimal mess. Your carpet will not be affected by the installation or working of your new straight stairlift.

Will a Straight Stairlift Damage my Stairs?
Again, no! The rail is fitted 6” away from the wall itself, so you don’t have to worry about scuffs or marks. There are no structural changes to your wall required at all.
First and foremost, the major advantage is that you can go up and downstairs without worrying about falling, tripping, or experiencing any difficulties. A straight of any type makes moving around your home far easier, allowing you to do whatever you need to do without fuss. In terms of a straight stairlift in particular, you will find far more choice when it comes to brands and products, compared to curved stairlifts. It’s also easier to install a straight stairlift, basically because it’s straight and therefore easier to add to your home!

A straight stairlift ensures that you maintain your independence, and if you’ve struggled in the past, it gives your independence back to you in a big shiny gift bag. Your ride up or downstairs will be comfortable and smooth, almost like gliding, and there is no ‘jerk’ when you stop. For instance, the Companion 1100 straight stairlift will give you a ride as smooth as air!

With minimal time involved in installing the stairlift, you don’t have to worry about making any changes to the structure of your home. This is especially useful if you have a loved one, or you are someone who is struggling with mobility and you want to stay within your own home, without moving to a bungalow or residential care. A stairlift ensures that you can move around without problems and gives huge peace of mind to both you and your loved ones.
The big question - how much does a straight stairlift actually cost?

There are different brands and products within those brand ranges, so it’s important to shop around and find a product which suits your needs, as well as your budget. It also depends upon your home as to how much the installation process will cost; if you have any obstructions at the top or bottom of your stairs, this will complicate the installation process and will obviously add to the overall cost.

Let’s talk averages however.

A brand new straight stairlift, on average, costs around £1850, with easy installation, on a regular length staircase, e.g. 13 steps. In comparison, a straight stairlift is lower in cost than a curved stairlift, simply because the installation is more straightforward.

The best advice is to contact us for a free quote, outlining your preferred product choice. We can than ask the relevant questions and provide you with a quote for your purchase.
If you’re looking to cut costs a little, you could look towards a reconditioned straight stairlift instead of a brand new one. Obviously, this means that the stairlift has been used x number of times in the past, but it has been restored to its former glory. Many reconditioned stairlifts also have long warranties attached to them, so if you are struggling to afford a brand new stairlift, a reconditioned option could be for you.

There are so many variables at play here that it’s impossible to give you a price on how much a reconditioned straight stairlift will set you back. However, most reconditioned items can be anything from half to three quarters of the price of a brand new version.

It’s important to shop around if you decide to go for a reconditioned straight stairlift and ensure that you find a product with the key features you want. Remember, a stairlift isn’t a luxury item, it’s a necessity which ensures your quality of life and ease of movement. As a result, you need to explore your options properly.

It is worth buying reconditioned? If you can find a high quality product for a lower price then yes, of course it’s a great idea to save some cash. However, brand new straight stairlifts will always be superior in terms of their full warranty and their huge range of features. You may also find that brand new straight stairlifts are narrower than some of the older versions, which could be a factor for you, if your stairway is quite narrow itself.
Perhaps you’ve never used a stairlift before and you’re not sure if it’s going to work for you. Perhaps you’re worried about how it will feel, or how it will look in your home. If that’s the case, before you jump in and make a formal purchase, you could consider renting a straight stairlift instead.

As the name suggests, straight stairlift rental means that you pay a monthly rental cost to a stairlift company. This can be an option if you’re currently not in a position to afford a stairlift in your home and purchase it outright; in that case, renting could be a good short-term solution to the problem, until you can afford to buy your own version.

Most companies offering this service only rent straight stairlifts, and don’t allow you to rent curved versions. This is obviously because straight lines are easier to install than curves, and curved stairlifts are far more bespoke. So, if you have a regular set of stairs, renting is an option.

How much does it cost? It varies from company to company and it’s important to remember that over the course of a year or more, renting is going to work out far more expensive than purchasing your own stairlift. In that case, it’s only a temporary solution for most people. However, renting a straight stairlift will cost you around £10 per week maximum. There is also an upfront installation cost to pay, which varies according to your particular living conditions. This can be around £1000 in some cases, and sometimes more.
The popularity of stairlifts means that there are many companies producing and installing these products. Of course, some brands are better than others. We are proud to stock two of the best brands around - Acorn and Companion. In fact, Companion is known to offer, the narrowest stairlifts around, so you have a compact look to your stairs, and no bulk.

Our Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift is certainly a bestseller, with the Companion 1100 Straight Stairlift another favourite.

However, there are other brands on the market, should you wish to explore. These include Age UK Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, Dolphin Stairlifts, MediTek Stairlifts, and of course, the one everyone has heard about - Stannah Stairlifts.

It’s important to do your research and choose the brand and product which suits your needs. We believe Acorn and Companion provide you with all the features and comfort you could possibly need in your home, and have superior health and safety features on top.
We’re often asked how a straight stairlift is removed. Perhaps you’re curious about what happens in the future if you no longer need the stairlift or you decide to move house. Maybe you already have a straight stairlift and you want to replace it with a different type. Either way, straight stairlifts are quite easy to remove.

This isn’t something you can do yourself however, so you will need an expert stairlift removal company to come in and remove the fittings and safety take the stairlift out. This will ensure your wall doesn’t experience any damage.

It’s worth noting that if you already have a Companion stairlift and you’re upgrading to another version within their range, they will remove your old stairlift for free, without you having to worry about a thing. Failing that however, there are many stairlift removal companies who will ensure that your walls and surrounding structures won’t be damaged by having your old straight stairlift taken out, whether you’re looking to have a new one or not.
A stairlift, regardless of the type, is an investment and it may be that you simply don’t have the cash to pay for it outright, or to be able to afford to rent one. Even renting a stairlift will mean a large upfront payment to install it, and this might be simply impossible for you. In that case, there is some good news coming your way. There are grants available to help you pay for a stairlift.

The first option is a Disabled Facilities Grant, of DFG. This is a grant from a local council which covers any costs incurred when modifying your home as a result of reduced mobility or disability. DFGs are only avilable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and if you live in Scotland you can apply for a grant towards the cost any modifications to your home instead. This can be a loan or a housing grant.

In order to apply for financial assistance to cover the cost of purchasing and installing a straight stairlift, you will need to meet certain criteria and it’s likely that you will need to undergo an assessment. This will be done via your local council, and the grant will be awarded and paid by them, if successful.