Synergy straight stairlift

Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlift

Synergy straight stairlift

The straight stairlift solution to regain your independence


Help & Advice

There are three main components: the motor, battery and gear. The stairlift travels on a single rail track on your staircase. This can be moved by a remote control or a toggle on the chairs arm.

A stairlifts will transport you up the stairs whilst maintaining a seated position. This is designed for those who are unable to get up and down the stairs by themselves. They can be used by people of all ages, however 60 is the age when most begin to struggle with daily activities, such as going up the stairs.

Stairlifts are extremely safe, when installed by professionals. They come with seatbelts to ensure extra safety. Acorn stairlifts are manufactured to very high standards and train their engineers to very high standards.

A lot of Bespoke stairlifts can often be shortened by a Bespoke approved engineer, this will ensure continued reliability and safety of the stairlift.

A stairlifts speed is fairly slow to ensure a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride. The maximum speed they travel is 0.15 meters per second (0.34 mph).

Stair lifts are very straightforward to operate. All stairlifts have a switch which the rider pushes and holds in order to move up or down the stairs. The chair beeps once and stops automatically when the stairlift reaches the end of its track.

No, the rails take up little space and the stairlift seats, arms and foot rests can be folded up when not in use, leaving space for others to use the stairs as normal.

A stairlifts running costs are low considering you don’t need to service a new stairlift, therefore there’s little to worry about in terms of repair costs if there does happen to be a problem with your stairlift. They are battery powered, but must be plugged in when they are not being used in order for the battery to remain charged. This applies for all stairlift models. Audible and visual signals are used to alert you if your lift is not on the charging point, therefore the stairlifts power supply should always be switched on.